lunes, 1 de junio de 2009


Athamay - Kiss the whip

Look at me, chained and stripped
Can't move or see (Wipe the tear)
No more fear (Wipe the tear)
Begging you the lash of the whip
Tie me down, I'm into slavery
Torture me (Wipe the tear)
Can't move or see (No more fear)
Whip me to the pits of depravity I've been kissed by the whip
The whip skins strips
Kissed on the lips
By the flick of the whip get you pleasure, by any measure
Girls or boys (Pick at sores)
Sex toys (Pick at sores)
The sin last forever
Tease the scab until it bleeds
Red raw (Pick at sores)
Girls or boys (Sex toys)
Whip me till I'm on my knees

Athamay - Domination

It's your desire to see me scared
You'd like me on my knees tonight
Likc your boots like a dog in dirt
And pull those chains so tight
I'm crying blood my minds gone numb
I look to see what you've become
A sadist game of perversion and shame
I cannot take this pain again

Your fascination with domination
Flesh and blood to the edge of death
This is from the depths of depravity
While I suffocate in perversity

Push pins into me while I am sleeping
You cannot hear that I am weeping
Hot wax on my skin the scalpel drips blood
Its torture but doesn't that feel good?
Give in to my pleasure and sin
Gratification and discipline
My father of fetish master of control
Kiss of fire and rip out my soul

Now I'm feeling diseased
So I'm down on my knees
I'll do anything to please
When you satisfy your need
To dominate me (Domination, pain)

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